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The Assessors office will do periodic inspections of parcels within the township. Please click here to read the letter that is sent out to residents. You may call the office to speak with the Assessor if you have any questions.

The County Treasurer has sent us a copy of their Foreclosure Procedures.

Click here to read the PDF.

If you have moved to a new home or if you have moved to a home you already owned and this now becomes your principal residence, be sure to fill out the Homeowner's Principal Residence Affidavit. This affidavit exempts your principal residence from the school operating millage.If you move to a new principal residence and you still own your old home, you may be eligible to receive a Conditional Rescission on the old home.This could exempt the old principal residence for up to 3 years. Certain restrictions apply.Please contact the assessor's office for more information.

2565 South Gladwin Rd., Prudenville, MI 48651
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